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This deck was built without a staircase from the main level deck to the garden level.  We added a custom-built staircase along the south edge of the builder's deck to allow the dogs access to the sod without the need for the owners to walk downstairs to let them in and out.  we also added a gate so they could keep them downstairs when company is over.  We were able to cantilever the top platform to avoid using additional posts to cluster up the backyard.

We increased the deck size from 23'x10 to 23'x 22' with a 6 ' cantilever.  We also removed the center support beam on the deck by adding a steel member to reinforce the cross beam of the patio covering.  There is also no middle support beam supporting the cantilever because we used a "Red Iron" steel beam to span the 22' OC span for the deck extension.  This allows for minimal invasion of functional space in the already small backyard.

Littleton, Colorado

We were contracted to replace this dysfunctional deck built 30+ years ago.  the stairs were falling apart and they wanted a larger sitting area.  Old dimensions: 15'x8'.  New Dimensions: 15'x 12'.  There is a 4' cantilever over the posts and beam.  this allowed us to keep the posts in the rocked flowerbed, avoiding adding them to the sodded area.  Everything needed to be redone on this deck.  the previous deck was definitely a DIY project.  The footers were poured into 5-gallon Home Depot buckets and buried... Wouldn't have passed the inspection for sure!!

Denver, Colorado

This project was a total overhaul of the backyard to be more functional.  We replaced the oversized lower deck with a smaller sitting area opting for more space on the ground in concrete for improved privacy.  We simply replaced the upper level deck with with new framing and composite decking.

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